Our Fight in 2010

First we`d like to thank everyone for their support last year. Being our first year it felt great to stand up and fight back against the anti`s instead of sitting back and watching these groups try to strip us of our rights.

Believe it, every minute of everyday of every year groups like the HSUS, PETA, Defenders of Wildlife; dump millions of dollars and thousands of man hours into the fight to stop our hunting rights. That`s simply what they do everyday as their full-time job. Groups like these don`t have regular 9-5 jobs, this is what their jobs are. That`s a helluva lot of time, money and effort spent every year trying to stop hunting, fishing, trapping and anything that has to do with what these groups consider “unethical” towards animals.

The HSUS thinks they have a president that will listen to their cause that`s the main reason they`re pushing their issues into the White House. Only time will tell if they`re right or not. We`ll make sure the White House also hears our side as well.

We`d also like to say thank to Toby Bridges from LOBO WATCH and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for the fight against the wolves in the upper west states. Wolves are wiping out our herds in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and truly are a serious threat to our big game herds and surrounding states if they are not managed or if they get put back on the Endangered Species List, which is what the anti`s are pushing for everyday.

If anyone has any important information about the anti`s that we haven`t already posted on here please email us so we may be made aware of it and post it on our site.

If we hunters want to keep our hunting, fishing and gun rights then we must all band together like the anti`s have done and fight against them and beat them at their own game!

Again thank you for your support.

Jason Fackrell

Founding Member of Hunters Against PETA



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  1. deano martinez Says:

    i thought peta was a bread

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